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Ice skating with a penguin

Its amazing what you can get away with in a crowded shopping centre. The reaction was either fairly positive, interest showed, or I just got looked at. No abuse. I think this project goes down better with a youngish crowd and families. Pre arranged it with the manager of Priory Meadow shopping centre, Hastings, who also gave permission for me to visit Santa. Really grateful to him (John Hough). Loved the penguin. I do look a bit terrified in the video, which is hardly surprising, it was quite a feat skating while holding on to the penguin and the doll and trying to make her skate too, (especially since I’m not very good at skating) I had to stuff socks into one of her boots so she was at an angle, making one leg slightly raised. Her feet aren’t parrallel, so she wouldnt have been able to move on the ice if I hadn’t done that. I think it looks more realistic with one leg raised anyway.

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