Some Photos of my exhibition and invitation to private view

Really pleased with how the installation is looking.I won’t manage to do the family album before the show ends, but will do that afterwards.

Had a bit of inspiration from one of the estate agents that was working upstairs. He had used the bedroom to get changed and left his ironed shirt on the bed. I came down and saw the shirt on the bed and thought “yes! that improves it no end.” There was far too much childrens stuff and it really needed some adult belongings too. Anyway, the bed is now adorned with one of Barry’s shirts.

They have all moved out now, which means I have had to fill upstairs too.  I have printed out some large A2 prints for the walls. I found making the selection really hard as I have so many photographs to choose from. Its been nearly two years in the making. Diedre brought in some baby things and is bringing a high chair for the private view , so the baby can sit at the birthday table! Really chuffed about that.

Made a video out of all the clips I have already posted, plus a new movie clip made from photo stills put together. It doesn’t have the same meaning as the exhibition, but is interesting to show how people have reacted to the work when I was doing it.

The Private View is on Sunday 21st October, 12.30pm to 3.30pm, 101 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3JE. Do come if you are nearby and interested.

Author: Tina Reid Peršin

I am an artist working with photography. I like to work by using performance and then photographing the performance. I seem to be increasingly using the moving image alongside the photographs. I spent over 15 years working in mental health, whilst also practising art in a studio in Spitalfields market. I then became involved in regeneration projects and was one of the team who won a lottery grant for Hastings Pier to be rebuilt. I am now concentrating more on my art practice.

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