At my Private View: I cried, made a sale, spooked out the builder and yoga therapist, and we only drank two bottles of wine.

Glad the private view is over, no more getting up at 4am to finish off the space, work, blurb etc. Barry’s PV was the night before mine, so I already had a mild hangover before the day started. Managed to finish the price list and organise everything for my normal work, before driving to Brighton for 10am. Had already had a crisis over the frames prior, as the frames I had ordered all arrived broken on the friday. No time to get new ones. Found a frame warehouse in London and asked if I could drive up and collect them in person. They were fantastic! They managed to send me new frames for the next day and included perspex sheets free in case any of the glass panels broke. Of course, they wrapped the order properly, so nothing was broken in transit and I got it all up in time.

Everything was ready and I had 18 bottles of wine on sale or return, just in case I got more visitors than expected. Then came the long wait. 12.30 start, by 1.30 I was in tears.  Jane, one of the organisers of the fringe had come to give support and was the first to arrive so I cried all over her! Then not long after, I got visitors. Not as many as I hoped, but I was so grateful to my friends who did come, some from London, one from Folkestone. All journeys of 2 to 2 and a half hours. Also a few from Brighton and Hastings. As I had chosen the afternoon to host the private view, hardly anyone was drinking, so in total we got through two bottles, one red and one white. I think I drank most of the red.

Lit the birthday cake for Barry, my long suffering, wonderful husband, whose birthday it was. I had recreated the birthday scene photo, so we sat there eating cake with the new “baby” and having our photos taken. It was almost a performance!  I sold one of my photos, which absolutely delighted me! I didn’t expect to sell, as the work is so personal.

Had an interesting conversation with the lady who is moving in after me, (yoga therapist)  She said she went downstairs on a day I wasnt there, with the builder, to talk about work she needed doing and he said “I don’t think I can do this work, I think someone’s living here”  She looked around and noticed everything and was speechless for a few minutes, completely thrown. (I’m not sure they even noticed the baby on the floor or the girl in the corner)

Went for a pizza with Barry afterwards to celebrate his birthday properly.

Author: Tina Reid Peršin

I am an artist working with photography. I like to work by using performance and then photographing the performance. I seem to be increasingly using the moving image alongside the photographs. I spent over 15 years working in mental health, whilst also practising art in a studio in Spitalfields market. I then became involved in regeneration projects and was one of the team who won a lottery grant for Hastings Pier to be rebuilt. I am now concentrating more on my art practice.

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