Selection for Uncertain States November issue.

Wary of announcing good news as so far, most of my announcements end up not happening. I entered the “Uncertain states” photography competition for a chance to have an exhibition in October. I didn’t get selected as one of the chosen nine, however, I got an email saying they loved my work and would I like to have it printed in their next broadsheet publication, out in November. This also means that I can show it in an exhibition at the end of the year as they show all contributors to the broadsheet then. Of course I said yes! However, one catch, I have to pay £170 towards the cost of printing, but get about 100 copies to distribute to whoever I want. They also send the broadsheet to their contacts and other galleries. They said they would deduct the fee I paid to enter their competition, off the £170. Barry, my husband said, “being Scottish, I wouldn’t pay it”. I told him that I would make him pay it if they ask him. He also got an email saying they had put his photos on file for a future publication. On Balance, I still think its a good offer, they have good photos in their publication and have a standard to maintain, so its good to be selected. I entered photos from the “Death of Hope” series

Also got an email from someone who has seen my work on wordpress saying she would like to buy one of my prints. Its a long slog getting noticed but I am getting some (slow) success.

Author: Tina Reid Peršin

I am an artist working with photography. I like to work by using performance and then photographing the performance. I seem to be increasingly using the moving image alongside the photographs. I spent over 15 years working in mental health, whilst also practising art in a studio in Spitalfields market. I then became involved in regeneration projects and was one of the team who won a lottery grant for Hastings Pier to be rebuilt. I am now concentrating more on my art practice.

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