A ten foot crucifix, hidden out of sight

This crucifix used to be planted on my Dad’s farm in Slovenia. Placed between two Linden trees, which are a symbol of Slovenia now, although during the war I’m not sure they were known for that then. I returned in November this year and was stunned to come across this magnificent crucifix hidden away, out of sight.  I asked why it was there and found out that after the war ended, the winners, (Partisan Communists) marched through the village shouting “death to the whites”. They also tore the crucifix down and threw it into the road. My father, his sisters and friends had already fled and were on their way to Austria. My grandfather, who had stayed behind, took the crucifix and hid it to protect it and it has remained there to this day over 70 years later.  This brings to mind  one thing that I have noticed, that the old farmhouse has  a very large amount of crucifixes, rosaries and pictures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. This is probably quite usual in Slovenia, but is quite amazing to me. There is even a small cross cut out of the barn wall, letting in light. Knowing this and reading Dad’s diaries of that time, I can see just how important their faith was. It was a religious war for my Dad.

The two London trees were both later struck by lightning and had to be chopped down. I was hoping to link it to an act by God, but there doesn’t seem to be any connection between the two events.

I used lighting to light the cross for the picture, because it was so dark and hard to see. I do have another photo of it lit by available light, ( after opening the door) but this photo is more beautiful. To me, there is something quite sad and moving about seeing the abandoned cross.

Author: Tina Reid Peršin

I am an artist working with photography. I like to work by using performance and then photographing the performance. I seem to be increasingly using the moving image alongside the photographs. I spent over 15 years working in mental health, whilst also practising art in a studio in Spitalfields market. I then became involved in regeneration projects and was one of the team who won a lottery grant for Hastings Pier to be rebuilt. I am now concentrating more on my art practice.

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