Invitation to private view of East Sussex Open at the Towner Gallery

Invitation east sussex open 2The exhibition is on Friday 8th March 6.30pm to 8.30pm. at The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. I’ve had two photos selected, Birthday and Bluebells. Just delivered them today. It felt great to be selected for such a big gallery. This is a first for me. It’s great to  begin to get some recognition for my work.  It was fabulous to wander round and take a sneak preview of the exhibition.

I’ve put the prices up now too.


Delighted to be selected for the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne.

Just got the news that I have been selected for the East Sussex Open at the Towner Gallery. They selected the photos Birthday and Bluebells. I’ve already posted both these photos, but happy to post them again with this note. Both are already printed and framed from my exhibition in Brighton, so I only need to work on the text to go with it. So pleased, it means that my cv is beginning to look quite respectable now. Its such a slog entering all these things. I had had a last minute dash to Eastbourne to deliver the disc and application form, before the deadline. Got there five minutes before and found a queue of several other artists who had done the same! Many thanks to Barry, who managed to get me there, even though we were held up waiting for a train.

I haven’t been posting recently because I had a hard time at Christmas, so this is fabulous news. I’ll post details of the private view when I get them.-Photos I'll never take-bluebells-towner3-Photos  I'll never take- birthday-towner

I’m going to be in the same documentary as Tracy Emin!

A lovely lady, Katie Barlow has been filming me and my work since the Brighton Photo fringe. She’s doing a documentary about people who are not able to have children, who have made a creative response to it. So my project “Photos I’ll never take” is ideal.
At first we joked that as she can’t find other people, who have expressed themselves creatively, it might just be about me and her. Anyway, Tracy Emin has now agreed to be interviewed for it! This takes it into another ball game. It’s quite possible it could end up on TV now. She’s taking it to the documantary film festival in the Summer, where she hopes to sell it to a channel.

I need to try and finish the project by the Summer, so I have the family album book, it will help to have something like the documentary to sell the book.

Still I have to manage my expectations, I was quite disappointed that after being interviewed for the national press, it didn’t get into print. I’ll just have to keep on plodding and trying all avenues to get it seen.

Photo hung up and delivered.

Photo hung up and delivered.

Here is a photo of my first sale, hung up and on the wall of my friend’s house, who bought it from me. It seems perfect for a domestic setting, as the project is based on a fictional family album. Its hard to believe its an A2 print, as it looks quite small on the wall. Had a lovely meal with her, in a great pub, when I went round. I do miss being in London.

Delivering the very first print sale of this project.

On Friday I will be delivering the photo- On holiday in Southend, “Photos I’ll never take.”  My first sale from this project and as a lens based artist.

I showed it at the Brighton Photofringe, but as a small print in a silver frame. My friend Susan Kay bought it, but in size A2.  I like the picture, but seeing myself in a swimming costume that large, shows up all my imperfections, including the fact that it was quite cold, I was just pretending it was warm. In A2 my skin looks a bit mottled. Never mind, I’ve been known to sunbathe in cold weather, so, apart from the doll, it isn’t that far from reality.

Its a limited edition of 10, with two artist proofs.  Here is a web size version to see.

On holiday in Southend


Private view photo

Posting a photo from the private view at Photofusion on Thursday night. It was packed, but luckily my photo was at the top, near the ceiling, so could be seen no matter what. My friends, Suzie and Robert, are kindly pointing it out, pretending that its causing a sensation! Really enjoyed the whole evening and went for a meal afterwards. It was also the seven year anniversary of Barry and me meeting (6th December.)  We met at the Hayward Gallery at a Christmas private view, so it was quite fitting to be at a private view with one of my photos on the wall. Had a couple of people come up to me and ask if it was my photo.  Apparently, I look a bit like Meryl Streep in the photo.

photofusion pv-0026

Invite to launch party Private View at Photofusion

I will be exhibiting my photo- Birthday, from “Photos I’ll never take” at the Annual Photofusion Salon.  Its in London on Thursday 6th December 2012, 18.30 -21.00.   17a Electric Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LA

Its a Group show and will be on until 18th January.

Details below:

AMPS: Photofusion Salon 2012
Launch Party
Thursday 6th December
18:30 – 21:00 | Free bar until 19:00 | Open to all
Now in its fourth year, our Annual Members’ Photography Show has undergone a complete makeover. Due to the growing popularity of this event, AMPS is adopting a new salon-style hang, allowing a much larger number of Members to showcase one of their images.
The images exhibited reflect the diversity of work being made by our Members, encompassing all genres from the traditional to the avant garde. Examples of social documentary and classic portraiture can be seen alongside contemporary constructed imagery, still life, and digitally manipulated photography.
Photofusion Salon 2012
Left: Jane Ward | Right: Daniel Ali
This year, 118 photographers have been selected to exhibit on the walls, along with a further 43 presented on a showreel. Many are Members who have been with Photofusion from its inception and have longstanding careers as professional photographers, while others are recent Members and newly emerging in their careers.
Photofusion Salon 2012 sees the continued collaboration with HotShoe Magazine. Deputy and Online Editor Miranda Gavin will open the show by presenting this year’s “HotShoe Photofusion Award”. The public will also be able to choose their favourite entry as part of the “AMPS/12 Public Choice Award”, which will be selected at the end of the exhibition.
Following on from this exhibition, a select few will be chosen to develop their work and exhibit as part of a smaller group show, Photofusion Select, in 2013.
Photofusion Salon 2012
Left: Olivia Poppy Coles | Right: Richard Pilnick
Membership at Photofusion offers a support network and creative environment in which artists can develop and exchange skills, knowledge and improve business acumen. Ranging from working professionals, amateur hobbyists, through to the new generation of emerging young photographers, this exhibition is a celebration of our Members’ dedication to the photographic art form and an opportunity for them to showcase their talent Click here for a full list of Members’ Benefits
This year the majority of the work on display will be for sale. Click here to view a gallery of all of the images with print and pricing information.
For more information about the gallery or membership, please call us on 020 7738 5774 or email
Do you need to set goals for your photography or lens-based personal project for the new year? Are you feeling stuck creatively? Does it help if you are working towards a concrete goal, such as a potential exhibition? Do you need to get your work back on track? Would you benefit from feedback to help move your project forward?
Tri-pod is a creative initiative set up in 2010 by deputy editor of Hotshoe magazine and educator Miranda Gavin and photographer and lecturer Wendy Pye.
Tri-pod takes a holistic approach to building a dynamic and flexible model for working with photographers, supporting participants in the development of their work using a variety of different strategies. The workshops engage the support of peers and are for photographers and visual artists using photography who have a lens-based Project in Progress.
We are looking to hold two, one and a half-day new year workshops in the last two weeks of January 2013 for people who have Projects in Progress and would benefit from the support that Tri-pod offers.
The 1.5 days will be an afternoon/evening session of three hours followed by an all-day feedback session with Miranda Gavin and two other industry professionals. Previous industry facilitators have included Laura Noble, Diane Smyth and Sue Steward. The workshop will be held in London and/or in Brighton. The cost is £120 per person, maximum 9 participants per workshop.
If you are interested in applying, please email before Monday 26 November, saying “Yes, I’m interested in London (or Brighton) workshops”
Tri-pod is also developing an extended network for its various workshop participants and will be offering informal evening and half-day follow-up sessions for ongoing support in 2013.
In collaboration with Photofusion, Tri-pod will also be offering participants a two-person exhibition to be held in the summer of 2013 at Photofusion’s gallery in Brixton, London. The photographers will be selected from all those who have attended Tri-pod workshops.
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