Invitation to private view of East Sussex Open at the Towner Gallery

Invitation east sussex open 2The exhibition is on Friday 8th March 6.30pm to 8.30pm. at The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. I’ve had two photos selected, Birthday and Bluebells. Just delivered them today. It felt great to be selected for such a big gallery. This is a first for me. It’s great to  begin to get some recognition for my work.  It was fabulous to wander round and take a sneak preview of the exhibition.

I’ve put the prices up now too.


Delighted to be selected for the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne.

Just got the news that I have been selected for the East Sussex Open at the Towner Gallery. They selected the photos Birthday and Bluebells. I’ve already posted both these photos, but happy to post them again with this note. Both are already printed and framed from my exhibition in Brighton, so I only need to work on the text to go with it. So pleased, it means that my cv is beginning to look quite respectable now. Its such a slog entering all these things. I had had a last minute dash to Eastbourne to deliver the disc and application form, before the deadline. Got there five minutes before and found a queue of several other artists who had done the same! Many thanks to Barry, who managed to get me there, even though we were held up waiting for a train.

I haven’t been posting recently because I had a hard time at Christmas, so this is fabulous news. I’ll post details of the private view when I get them.-Photos I'll never take-bluebells-towner3-Photos  I'll never take- birthday-towner

Taking my photo, Birthday, up to the london show today

Going up to Photofusion in London to deliver my print for their annual salon show. They selected one of my photos- 2nd Birthday. I have now worked further on the words that I put with my images, as it appears that they are quite weak.

This is the latest version of my artist statement for the project, in 150 words

The subject of this ongoing project, is the family I will never have, hence the title, “Photos I will never take”.  I am constructing a fictional narrative of an alternative life with children, using myself, family, friends, props, a child mannequin, and a “reborn baby” to create a series of tableaux of typical family scenes, with the ultimate aim of creating a fictional family album.

The photos are the intended end product, but the act of creating them is a piece of performance art. It explores the question; How mad do you have to get for people to understand the pain?  The project also refers to the impact of the marketing of the perfect family and the effect of this on those who cannot have them. Ultimately, I am trying to communicate the pain and grief of being childless, as it is a subject that is often ignored.

If anyone can give me feedback on this or improve it, please do make a comment, I would appreciate it, as I really struggle with trying to explain my work 

Press Article didn’t happen, but I’ve been selected for an exhibition in London

Unfortunately, after announcing that I would be in the Guardian, I don’t seem to be there today. I’m trying to find out if it will appear another day. Hope so.

The good news is that I have been selected for Photofusion’s annual salon members show. It’s one out of a hundred photos they are showing, but, it did have to go through a selection procedure, so at least the Birthday picture was rated and will be shown in Brixton, London. The Brixton show is from 7th December 2012 to 18th January 2013, 17A Electric Lane  Brixton, London SW9 8LA

Press article about my show

I am absolutely delighted! The guardian have asked for one of the photos (the birthday) and I have been interviewed so they can run an article next Monday. (12th November)  The show is now over and everything taken down, but they will print a link to my blog, so I should get loads more traffic. With a bit of luck it may lead to an offer of an exhibition in a London venue.

I have already shown this photo, but I am posting it again, because I think its this one that they will be printing.

More about my exhibition in Brighton photo fringe

“Photo’s I’ll never take” Exhibition as part of Brighton photo fringe, 6.10.12- 17.11.12 Thursday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm at Mishon Mackay offices, 99-101 Dyke Road, Seven Dials, Brighton, BN1 3JD

I will be creating an installation in the former offices of an estate agent. Although in the first week, I will be sharing the space with them, until they move out. Mishon Mackay are very kindly supporting me with the exhibition and have been very kind. I will be turning the space into a home. It will contain typical family photos and objects. I will be continuing to work on the project while I am there.

Below is my introduction to a family album I will be creating, while I am there.

“The subject of this ongoing project work is the family I will never have. Hence the title “Photos I will never take”.  I have constructed a fictional narrative of an alternative life with children, to create a series of typical family tableaux. This involved searching out appropriate locations; using myself, my husband, other family members, props and a shop mannequin of a child. The events are to have been taken over the period of approximately one year.

The photos are the intended end product, but the act of creating the photos is also a piece of performance art. By buying clothes, selecting outfits and taking “our child” out to child appropriate activities, I am projecting my own childhood memories on to the “child” in much the same way as a real parent.  The photos are intended to have some of the aesthetic of the snapshot, but to also be idealised. A family album is the perfect setting for the photos. ”


Please share with people who might like to come.