“The death of hope” Photos about loss- an extension to my project “Photos I’ll never take”.

It’s of a carousel wrapped up and out of use. Barry, my husband has taken some photos of this too, as we discovered it together, but as it isn’t his normal type of subject, I’m going to run with it.

I think its fits in neatly with the loss of hope in having children.  Its a children’s playground item, and out of use, in the centre of a big city.

I started off taking straightforward shots of the carousel, then started to walk round it taking panoramas. This led to walking round taking a movie, as it made it look like it was moving. This was quite hard to do and took a long time, as the light made it difficult to see what I was filming and I didn’t want the foreground in the picture. I had to do it several times and was surprised to find that walking slowly produced the best results. I had originally thought that walking fast would be best as it would mimic the actual carousel moving. However by going slower it gave time to take in details. I love the sound effects too, the bird chirping in the movie is the best! This post includes the movie and I’ll post the photos over the next few days.