Showing my work at Fertility Fest Saturday 12th May

Looking forward to Fertility Fest and delighted to part of it. Its a wonderful supportive event that talks about fertility and modern families. It’s a much bigger event than in 2016. I’m presenting my art project “Photos I’ll never take”  on Saturday 12th May. This time, as well as photos, I’ll also have some videos.

150 artists are taking part and it runs for six days. It included a week long workshop in February, at the National Theatre, exploring fertility education, which I was proud to be part of, and also includes an exhibition in Barcelona in July, which I also hope to be part of.

More good news regarding my artworks

Its just been confirmed that the funding has been awarded to Fertility Fest for next year. Well done to Jessica Hepburn!  This means that I will definitely be doing a workshop with The National Theatre – week commencing 26th February 2018, and also a talk in London about my work on May 12th 2018, for Fertility Fest. I’m delighted!  I will have to finish my photo album of “Photos I’ll never take” and possibly also my romance books video. Its good to have a deadline. We will be planning the workshop over the next couple of weeks, so I’ll know more about that soon. M&B003coverweb

Do I have to pay an entrance fee?

Thought I’d post some photos from the Mayday festival “Jack in the Green” A wonderful pagan festival that Hastings puts on, but in its usual “dark style”. They symbolically slay Jack to mark the beginning of summer. Quite often Morris Dancers are dressed in black with top hats and big ravens hovering, instead of the usual white outfits with ribbons. Its a strange affair, because while everyone is behaving like hippies, we also have an invasion of bikers. Heaven knows how many thousands arrive on the Monday, all to pose and look at the other wondeful bikes. So in the Old Town, you get scenes where the big hairy bikers are sitting drinking on one side of the road and the green haired, flower power, bell tinkling, pagan hippies, drumming on the other.

So of course it was the perfect place to arrive with a fake child!

I dressed in green as a pagan and dressed my doll in the same headdress, but as a green fairy. No one batted an eyelid. So many weird things happen on that day that I just looked like I was part of something that would be happening later. One biker started to say how beautiful my daughter was, then realised, when she saw a hand had dropped off, that she wasn’t real.

I went up to the castle and had a surreal conversation with those at the entrance as to whether I should pay an entrance fee for her. They were definitely getting into the spirit of things! (They let her in for nothing).

One guy got a terrible shock, when another reveller (who realised she was a doll) jumped over her. He was really upset, mostly by our lack of reaction to it. So was very relieved when we explained.  He’s the ginger haired guy sitting behind us, with the fantastic beard.